Curra's Grill: 20 Years in the Making

Once upon a time, prior to the avocado margarita or the famous Julieta's Award Winning borracho or mole sauce, there was a grandmother who resided deep in the heart of Mexico making her homemade recipes in a restaurant called "El Corona Quick Lunch."

Together the Garcia family moved from Nueva Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico to bring these recipes of her authentic and interior Mexican food to South Austin, Texas. They named the restaurant Curra's (translation: elegant) after their father, Marco Sr., Marco, Jr. and Jorge would be the cooks, mom and dad would be the prep cooks, Julieta and a cousin named Toni would be waitresses, and another cousin named Pablo would be the dishwasher.

None of our success could have happened if it wouldn't be for the tremendous amount of loyal customers and dedicatd employees. Thank you Austin and Texas for this last wonderful 20 years and the next to come.

The Garcia Family

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